WordPress and Joomla
The short answer: Yes, NeuCart will work on your Joomla and WordPress systems!

Joomla and WordPress are two popular systems that allow you to create and maintain websites without a great deal of technical knowledge. These systems allow you to create a website quickly. But what about creating an e-commerce system for those systems?

This is where NeuCart comes in. The NeuCart system is not currently a "Joomla Extension" or "WordPress Plugin", however Joomla and WordPress are both built using PHP and MySQL — the very technologies that NeuCart requires!

Because of this, NeuCart will definitely work on your Joomla and WordPress systems. It is no different than using any other system where PHP is installed.

Joomla and WordPress are systems that allow easy edits to your site. Get the NeuCart software to easily edit your products, and you'll be set!