Once you have purchased and installed a NeuCart system, you may choose to upgrade to the latest version. If you are content with your current version, there is no reason to upgrade. Some NeuCart customers upgrade as frequently as every version, while others remain on the same version for years. Most customers upgrade when the new version contains a fix or feature that directly affects their business needs.

Upgrade Price
In general, the price is $2 for the do-it-yourself upgrade, or $10 to have NeuCart Support perform the upgrade for you. Some versions cost more than $2; these versions include very important features or code changes that require substantial development time. These types of upgrades have occurred quite infrequently.

Upgrades are always free for hosted customers but they are not installed automatically. Hosted customers will receive upgrades on request of the store owner.

How to Upgrade
On the purchase page, you will be required to enter your purchase credentials (email and website), and you will be shown the upgrade price based on the current version of your software. (Hosted customers simply need to contact NeuCart support to request the upgrade.)

Assisted Upgrades
While the upgrade process is quite simple (upload a folder, click next a couple times), some customers do not wish to perform upgrades themselves. By purchasing the assisted upgrade, NeuCart will apply the upgrade to your system for you. NeuCart Support will require FTP credentials to your server and a NeuCart Admin username/password to perform the assisted upgrade.

"Other carts don't have upgrade fees."
"Free carts" are often anything but free. In addition to charging for necessary features, some systems require annual fees for support. Other systems don't even offer support and require that you join customer forums and hope someone answers your question. NeuCart has value that our customers recognize — value that led these customers to ask for a price increase of upgrades. How many systems do this?

Why is there a fee to upgrade?
NeuCart decided to do this as a matter of fairness: Release Schedule
New versions of NeuCart are released whenever new features are ready. There is no pre-set release schedule; features are generally implemented on customer request and released as soon as the code is ready.

Also, note that you do not need to upgrade to the latest version. If your system has all the features and functionality that you need, there is no reason for you to purchase an upgrade. Many releases include one or two small features that were requested specifically by one customer. In general, customers upgrade their system only for "major" releases that include exciting new functionality, like the "Advanced Coupon" feature released in version 5.00.

NeuCart has a number of customers who have never found a need to upgrade, while some customers always prefer to be on the latest version. It's completely up to you!

New Versions
NeuCart announces new releases on Twitter and Google+; the NeuCart Twitter feed is displayed in the your store's Admin panel. Also, your Admin panel shows your current version, the latest version available at NeuCart, and a change log to show what is new. For major feature releases, NeuCart will send an email. The current version is: 9.02, Schema: 902. Updated on May 25, 2016 at 6:55pm EDT.