NeuCart offers additional services to help your business:
New CD Product Creation
The primary goal of the NeuCart shopping cart is to allow musicians to easily sell products. If you are a musician and for some reason you'd rather not bother with creating those products yourself, NeuCart can handle this for you. For only $50, NeuCart will create the products you need for a single CD of up to 15 tracks:
Website Hosting
The hosted product option allows you to run your website on your own web host while running your store on NeuCart's servers, at a URL like "". But NeuCart also offers full web hosting services! This means you can put your entire website on NeuCart's servers. The advantage to this method of web hosting is that NeuCart's servers have fewer websites hosted than major web hosts (GoDaddy, etc.), and thus the server on which your site is running will be much faster. You can even host your site on NeuCart's servers if you aren't using the NeuCart product. Contact us for pricing details.