Redesign Services
While primarily an e-commerce solution, NeuCart offers some general website services as well. One of the most popular services is Website Redesign.
Redesign Services
Is your website functional but slow? Is it designed to work on desktop browsers but not on phones and tablets? Many websites today were designed years (or decades!) ago, or were built using technology from those periods. These types of sites use methods like "table-based layouts" that were required for a good looking site in 1998, but which no longer function well with today's modern browser technology and mobile devices.

With NeuCart Redesign Services, we will change the markup of your website so that it functions on all device types using modern web-building techniques ("responsive design") while still maintaining the general appearance of your site's current look. In short, this is under-the-hood work that will modernize your website without major changes to your site's appearance.
Using NeuCart's Redesign Services, you will improve your website:
Get Started
To get started with Redesign Services, contact us. Note that this service is intended for non-CMS sites (if you have a WordPress site, etc., the new layout of your site will not be using WordPress). This service is primarily for websites built using "raw HTML" and some extra features will only be possible on PHP servers.
Sites that have been redesigned include but are not limited to: