Shopping Cart Comparison
More expensive shopping carts are not more functional shopping carts. This chart compares NeuCart and some popular shopping carts; with NeuCart's feature set and price, there is very little comparison at all! Some of these carts include different price points for different features, with prices reaching more than $1,000 per year! NeuCart is only $85 for the installed version, and only $10 a month for the hosted version. Oh, and if you're looking for a "free" shopping cart, you'll be paying more than you think.
NeuCart (installed) NeuCart (hosted) 1ShoppingCart Network Solutions PayLoadz Shopify Volusion
Monthly Cost Free $10.00(f) $34.00 $29.95 $14.95(c) $29.00 $19.00
Integrated Into Existing Site URL(a) Yes Yes(a) No No No No No
Mobile-Optimized Display Yes, built-in Yes, built-in No $105.95/month No No Yes
Multi-Lingual Support Yes Yes No No No No No
Adobe Flash Required No No No No No Yes No
Product Management
Maximum Number of Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 25 Unlimited 100 100
Maximum Number of Categories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5 N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Product Options(b) Yes Yes Yes $105.95/month No No(e) Yes
Product Information Bulk Upload Yes Yes Yes $105.95/month Yes Yes Yes
Digital Features
Digital Files Delivered via Email Yes Yes No No No No No
Digital Files Acquired via Secure Product Links Yes Yes $99.00/month No Yes No No
PDF Watermarks Yes Yes No No No No No
Multiple Files for Single Product Yes Yes No No No(d) No No
IP and Digital Abuse Tracking Yes Yes No No Yes No No
Restaurant Features
Specify Delivery or Take-Out Order Yes Yes No No N/A No No
Specify Delivery or Pickup Time Yes Yes No No N/A No No
Payments and Checkout
PayPal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Authorize.Net Credit Cards Yes Yes Yes No No Yes N/A Credit Cards Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Gift Cards sold and redeemed at your store Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
In-Person Payments Yes Yes No No No No No
Coupons Yes Yes Yes No No $59.95/month Yes
Advanced Coupons(g) Yes Yes No No No No No
(a)Cart Integration, in this case, refers to the store's URL. If the customer has to go to another website — even if the look and feel of the other website is similar — the shopping cart fails this test. NeuCart's hosted solution allows your site to be or; if using the method, the answer to this test is Yes.
(b)Product Options refers to the ability to configure items with a size, color, or other attribute.
(c)PayLoadz fees: Free if your monthly sales are under $50.00, otherwise $14.95/month plus transaction fees
(d)PayLoadz multiple files for one product: This feature is available only for the $14.95/month plan, not the free plan.
(e)Shopify Product Options: Shopify claims to support product options, yet products with options count as individual products, and count against the total product count.
(f)NeuCart Hosting is $12/month if your site requires an SSL certificate. SSLs are recommended, and they are required if you taking credit card payments directly from your site.
(g)Advanced Coupons refers to coupon configurations like "buy one get one free", "shipping is free with $50 purchase", "buy three CDs and get 50% off two songbooks", etc.